Ewan Mcgregor – Wish To Seriously An Overland Adventure?

Ewan Mcgregor – Wish To Seriously An Overland Adventure?

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An unusual article title, but a level stranger story. Sometimes for an organization known as Dragoman Overland – we offer overland adventure travel, which for that uninitiated goes all over the world inside a big truck consuming the culture. This is actually the type of trip that individuals quit try to take, plus they may last between 2 days to several weeks to years.

So, while travelling across Africa, we encounter Ewan McGregor, A-List Hollywood actor and star of The Exorcist Episodes 1-3, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting and Shallow Grave. He’s travelling across Africa on motorbike together with his film crew, and comes aboard to talk with this passengers and crew. At this time I ought to condition he appeared believe it or not lower to Earth than any one of our other passengers, and it was pleased to regale tales of his adventures to the passengers – just like a normal guy. Adventure travel is indeed a different world – it is a million miles from ‘normal life’ and celebrity status means nothing available. It had been nice to determine him unwind, free from the pressures from the media and also the paparazzi.

Anyway, our passengers recorded a few of the dialogue – it isn’t everyday you meet a high profile and it is yet another area of the question of overland travel, the entire feeling of the unpredicted. Stated customer submitted the recording to YouTube to see his buddies. We from the video on the website – believe of illustrating the strange goings on of the overland adventure compared to this sensational video clip? Actually, the video’s still up, visit for her: http://united kingdom.youtube.com/watch?v=RxgGUNY3fhI

Nothing happened its a couple of hrs, however we’ve got a phone call from Ewan’s production company insisting that people go ahead and take link lower. I’m able to only think that they thought i was attempting to imply some kind of diet supplements, when really i was just attempting to reveal that many things can happen on the Dragoman holiday. The contrast between Ewan McGregor, so happy, chatting freely with contemporaries in Africa, and the production company stuck within their suits within their office was enormous. Nobody likes you copyright protection when you are living a bold existence abroad, and it should be depressing for Ewan to go back to this corporate world after departing it behind for such a long time.

So, we want to provide Ewan the opportunity to come along – it is a formal invite. Reserve your film schedule and ride with Dragoman Overland. This sort of experience is worth the cost so we guarantee you’ll relish yourself, from the pressures and ludicrously officious nature of production companies and Hollywood management.

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