Ladies and Travel: Survey Results Reveal Trends and Preferences

Ladies and Travel: Survey Results Reveal Trends and Preferences

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Articles are wonderful things. Just whenever you think you’ve got a good handle around the who, when, where and why, market research will generate results that challenge individuals ideas.

For example take the current travel interests survey that ladies Traveling Together delivered to 7000 women in April 2006. My first surprise was the number of responses we’ve got. Professionals say you are doing “good” if you can aquire a 5% response rate. Well, we did much better than that, weighing almost 9%, (representing the opinions well over 600 women).

We’ll, obviously, make use of the survey leads to develop our tour schedule however, many surprising tid-bits in regards to the “who, when, where and why” of women’s travel preferences were also revealed. Laptop computer results demonstrated…

Who Women Travel With…

Locating a travel partner is difficult. Greater than 65% of ladies stated that they are getting difficulty finding a partner for traveling.

…However when they are doing travel, that they like for traveling the women! Most either traveled having a girlfriend or alone, however in either situation opted for a women’s group.

When Women Travel…

Women will travel whatever season they are able to! 45% from the women stated anytime is a great time for you to travel.

Women are “travel crazy.” Over 40% from the women surveyed had 4 or even more journeys previously 18 several weeks.

Where Women Travel…

Women new destinations. 65% from the women responding stated they’d rather visit new places, than go back to places they’d been.

Alaska ideas come! Alaska was the very best U.S. destination with a landslide.

Italia, Italia, and Italia. The overwhelming first option for Europe was Italia.

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