Top 5 world Class Destinations in Indonesia

Top 5 world Class Destinations in Indonesia

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Indonesia’s popularity has risen to high levels over the past few years. With its various and diverse tourist attractions, it has risen to become one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

This is hugely because, the Indonesian liveaboard industry prides itself as one of the most diversified in the world.

The Indonesia liveaboard experience is always an incredible affair. It can either be by liveaboards or from land based resorts according to your preference.

Below are the top five world class destinations that you should consider visiting for that ultimate, incredible and unforgettable liveaboard experience.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is considered to be one of the best destinations when it comes to a liveaboard trip.

Although it is a bit expensive, Raja Ampat has got almost everything that a recreational diver could want.

It is famous for its warm waters, sharks, manta rays and huge species of fish.

Some of the best dive sites to be found on this island include; Blue magic and Mioskun.

Banda Islands

A liveaboard trip to this beautiful island is definitely one of the best experience.

Despite its far-flung location, the spectacular macro life, huge pelagic and unspoilt coral reefs make the trip there even more rewarding.

Many liveaboards in the island have reported sighting orcas, spinner dolphins and other various whale species.

If you are considering visiting this island, brace yourself to see some of nature’s best. This can range from stunning sponges, plenty of big fish and lots of colourful coral.

The Komodo National Park

A visit to this national park offers you the opportunity of touring the area either by land or sea.

The park constitutes of three islands namely Komodo, Padar and Rinca islands.

A Komodo cruise by land offers you the opportunity to see komodo dragons which is the largest, rare and unique lizard species on the planet.

There is also a variety of wildlife to be sighted such as snakes, wild boars, monkeys and different types of birds.

On the other hand, the islands found on this park offer a lot of exotic marine life and coral reefs in various vibrant colours.

If you are a macro photographer, a cruise through the komodo islands is the best.

Bunaken Islands

If you are looking for a site with the diversity in almost all the species, look no further.

Taking a liveaboard diving trip on this island gives you a chance to see atleast 70% of all fish species.

Although the above statistic is astonishingly hard to comprehend, you are guaranteed to see a species never seen before.

It is advisable to take a liveaboard cruise to this island during the dry seasons.

Some of the best sites to visit while on this island include; Depan Kampung, Celah Celah and Sachikois Point.

Lembeh Strait

It has been often said that Lembeh Strait is one of the best murky water diving place in the world.

Although it’s murky waters and poor visibility doesn’t sound so appealing, it is the best for macro photography.

Critter lovers also prefer this kind of diving. This is because, it offers the best possibilities of observing some of the tiny and strange creatures.

However, muck diving is not suitable for beginner divers. If you are an experienced diver, interested in discovering the rare underwater species, this is the cruise for you.

Lembeh Strait also offers various coral gardens, unique shipwrecks and spectacular soft corals.

A liveaboard trip gives you the opportunity to explore the underwater world. In addition, it generally combines visits to Bangka island and Bunaken national park.


Indonesia has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity, tourist attractions and delicious cuisines.

Whether you are a sea person or not, Indonesia has a lot to offer thus making it the best tourist destination.

Come explore this beautiful country and what it has to offer by taking a liveaboard trip.

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